Great first debate between Clinton and Trump

Great first debate between Clinton and Trump. This is my commercial from 3 years ago on my Democratic values featuring Senator Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton on the minimum wage, Vice President Joe Biden on a woman’s right to choose and President Obama on the NRA.

HILLARY CLINTON supports a woman’s right to choose and opposes restrictions on a woman’s right to choose.

DONALD TRUMP has said woman who has had an abortion should be punished.

HILLARY CLINTON supports increasing the Federal minimum wage and mandatory sick leave.

DONALD TRUMP opposes increasing the federal minimum wage and said wages are too high.

HILLARY CLINTON supports universal background checks and is strongly opposed by the NRA.

DONALD TRUMP is endorsed by the NRA , opposes universal background checks, said get rid of “gun free” zones.

HILLARY CLINTON supports religious freedom and racial equality and comprehensive immigration reform.

DONALD TRUMP wants to build a wall to keep minorities out and vilifies Hispanics and Muslims.