is now live!

Pete Dinelli

My blog is now up and running and a reality! I hope you are interested and perhaps enjoy and share with others what I have to say in the coming months.

During the last eight months, I have enjoyed being able to post on FACEBOOK, sharing my thoughts and ideas. With that in mind, I was encouraged by many people to start a “political blog”.

I decided to launch a political blog because I got tired of the Albuquerque Journal and the TV News stations giving me the cold shoulder and not responding even when I offered only background on issues that I knew about. I also got tired of the shallow reporting.
The approach I am taking is posting political commentary articles that I hope will be informative and insightful. You can expect articles on APD, the DOJ consent decree reforms, ART Bus Project, the minimum wage, mandatory sick leave, public finance campaigns, economic development, the Albuquerque City Council, the Criminal Justice System , the 2017 Municipal Elections and candidates, the Governor, the NM legislature and New Mexico politics in general.

You can speculate all you want on what I am up to, but I will be saying what I want, when I want and how I want without political consultants telling me what I have to do.

If I decide not to run for Mayor again, I am determined to voice my opinion and make my feelings known on the issues and the candidates in the race.

Please stay tuned and I hope you share my articles on