Lujan-Grisham Outraises And Outspends Pearce

The Campaign Financial Reports for State Office were posted on Monday, October 8, 2018, by the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office.

The contribution reports cover the time period of September 4, 2018 to October 1, 2018.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham raised more than twice as much money as Republican Steve Pearce over the past month, and she outspent him.

Republican Steve Pearce has more cash available as the Governor’s race as he heads into its final four weeks of campaigning.

Democrat Lujan Grisham raised $1.1 million during the reporting period, while Pearce took in $417,000 during the last reporting period.

Lujan Grisham spent $1.6 million to Pearce’s $1.1 million.

Notwithstanding being outspent, Pearce had a cash advantage heading into the final 4 weeks with $1.3 million available to Lujan Grisham’s $782,000.

Pearce’s contributors included ranchers and dairy owners.

Koch Industries of Wichita, Kan., contributed $5,500 to Steve Pearce.

Lujan Grisham’s donors included cannabis and solar energy companies.

Former Bernalillo County Sheriff and Republican operative Darren White, who now manages medical marijuana company, donated $5,500 to Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, contributed $5,500 Lujan Grisham’s campaign.


Political blogger Joe Monahan had this to say about the Governor’s race and other races in his October 9, 2018 blog:

“… Pearce has raised far less–$3 million–but both US House members have high name ID and strong bases of support so Pearce was not blown out early because of the money gap.

Not blown out but maybe not making as much progress as he would like.

The Democratic Governors Association came with a big late August TV buy blasting Pearce but has since disappeared.

That likely signals that their polling shows Lujan Grisham with a lead the DGA considers healthy.

The NEA PAC is up with a big buy for Lujan Grisham. But there is no third party money on the air for Pearce. That stings.

The polling is no doubt what hurt Pearce’s September fund-raising. The Sept 7-13 Journal survey had the race 50 to 43 against him. Donors pay attention.

The Lujan Grisham camp remains wary of Pearce as they should of the wily political veteran. He has just a couple of weeks to come up with something that could finally pick the lock for him. Money is not the problem. It’s the clock.

The Governor’s race is ranked Lean Democrat.


In the only other statewide race clearly in play besides the Guv run, Dem Stephanie Garcia Richard and Republican Pat Lyons seem low on cash for the final stretch. But there is a caveat. While Lyons reports just $55,000 in cash on hand he spent $188,000 on TV and mail in September. And he can expect hundreds of thousands in support from PACS funded by the oil boys.

Garcia Richard reports $41,000 in cash after making only modest media buys. She will need the enviro PACS to help her take Lyons out.

The land commissioner race is rated a Toss Up.


In the state auditor’s contest that conceivably could get into play, Democrat Brian Colón and appointed GOP State Auditor are pretty close in cash on hand. Johnson had $120,000 to Colón $160,000. However, Colon outraised Johnson for the month–$64,000 to $16,000.

On the campaign trail, Johnson has been calling into question Colón’s ethics. He’ll probably do the same with his TV buy, but without something new and inflammatory this one goes in the Dem column. The race is rated Likely Dem.


GOP State Rep. Monica Youngblood reported $59,000 in cash at the end of September. Dem Karen Bash improved her game somewhat and has $25,000 for the final innings in the NW ABQ district. But as we’ve said before the hits on Monica are going to have to come from the labor union PACS over her aggravated DWI conviction and refusal to take a breath test. If they do come in and do a good job, the odds are Monica is out. If the Dems hesitate in the attack, she could sneak in.

In a hot ABQ NE Heights contest, Republican Brad Winter is being outscored in the money department. He reports $18,000 in cash compared to Day Hochman’s $52,000. This is a swing district and with those numbers the race is now rated Lean Dem.

Natalie Figueroa and R John Jones are basically tied in the cash on hand report with both in the low 40’s. But the far NE Heights district is moving Blue and it’s Figueroa’s second time around the track. This race continues to be rated Lean Dem.

Still in the NE Heights, R Jimmie Hall is struggling with Dem Melanie Stansbury. He reports $52,000 in cash to her $97,000. This district is still R friendly and Hall can survive but this one goes down to the wire.

You can read the complete blog article here:


Lujan Grisham announced her run in December 2016 and she had aggressive opposition in the primary from businessman Jeff Apodaca and State Senator Joe Cervantes, who spent about $4 million combined.

Lujan Grisham so far has raised $7 million for both the primary and general election combined which is an amazing amount of money.

Lujan Grisham must be congratulated and respected for her fundraising abilities.

Pearce started the race much later, but did not have opposition in the Republican primary and raised $4.3 million and has spent $3.1 million.

Pearce is very wealthy in his own right and could probably write a personal check for $3 million if he wanted to.

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