Philip A. Snedeker Seeks NM State Senate District 21 Democratic Nomination; His Strong Law Enforcement Background Is What’s Needed Now In NM State Senate

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Philip A. Snedeker of Albuquerque is a candidate for Senate District 21. He faces Athena Ann Christodoulou in the June 4 Democratic primary. Republicans Michael Wiener, John C. Morton and Nicole Tobiassen are running in the June 4 Republican primary. Incumbent Republican Mark Moores is not seeking reelection.


On April 11, the Albuquerque Journal Published the following guest column by Philip A. Snedeker entitled Extraordinary Results Require Extraordinary Ideas And Principles:

“My name is Philip A. Snedeker. I am a candidate for the office of New Mexico state senator, Albuquerque District 21. I will be seeking the Democratic nomination for the office in the primary election in June of 2024.

I grew up in southern New Mexico, in the town of Silver City. I attended local area schools. I earned a BA degree in social science, and an MA degree in educational administration, from Western New Mexico University, Silver City, and am a formally trained educator and administrator.

I would bring an extensive 47-year career in law enforcement and criminal justice to the Senate. I began my career in law enforcement as a police officer with the Silver City Police Department while attending college. I subsequently served, for a 10-year period as a New Mexico State Police Officer in the communities of Santa Fe, Farmington and Tucumcari.

I was subsequently elected as a Democrat as the sheriff of Quay County, serving the communities of Tucumcari, San Jon and Logan in eastern New Mexico. I additionally oversaw the operations of the county detention center.

I subsequently served, for a 31-year period, as a certified peace officer, probation and parole officer, and administrator for the Albuquerque Regional Office of the state Probation and Parole Division, serving for an 18-year period as the regional administrator of the District Court Services Office in Albuquerque.

As a lifelong, dedicated public servant with a strong commitment to serving the people of my community, I bring a career in public safety and law enforcement, administration and policy development, and a personal dedication to this community and its constituents.

I have the experience and knowledge necessary to best represent the interests of, and concerns of, our citizens. I will be focused on implementing comprehensive crime and violence reduction measures, and the strengthening and support of our criminal justice system.

I will support changes and modifications to pretrial detention statutes, ensuring violent, repeat, predatory criminals are held in custody, ensuring the safety of our communities and citizens.

I will commit to supporting research-based, focused-deterrence policing strategies, ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens, and the suppression and curtailment of crime.

I will support and advocate for expansion and funding of programs dedicated to alcohol, substance abuse, and mental health treatment.

I will support and advocate for appropriate funding measures for creating economic growth and stability, job creation, and supporting and the improvement of public education.

I will work to properly fund our schools and support increases in teacher salaries, benefits and conditions.

I will provide for the safety of our schools, our teachers and our students, and fund such efforts.

I will advocate and support and provide for our veterans and our elderly.

I will support and advocate for women’s health care issues, and will work diligently for streamlining and reductions in health care costs, for all.

I will work to improve and fund our transportation systems.

I will provide for the care of our environment.

My commitment to Senate District 21 and its citizens is unmatched, and I am professionally prepared to take on the responsibility of serving as state Senator. I am committed to improving the lives of our citizens and moving this Senate District, and New Mexico, to greatness.

I am committed to extraordinary ideas and principles, and as such, we are going to see extraordinary results.”


PHIL SNEDEKER was raised in the southern New Mexico town of Silver City, attending local area schools. He graduated from Western New Mexico University, in Silver City, with a B.A. Degree in Social Science, and subsequently earned a M.A. Degree, in Educational Administration.

Snedeker has dedicated his 47-year career to public service, most recently serving for the State of New Mexico Probation and Parole Division. Snedeker began his career as a police officer with the Silver City Police Department while attending college. After graduating college, Snedeker served as a New Mexico State Police Officer for 10 years in the communities of Santa Fe, Farmington, and Tucumcari.

For the last 31 years, Snedeker served as a certified peace officer, as a probation and parole officer, and administrator, for the State of New Mexico, Albuquerque Regional Office, Probation and Parole Division. This included 13 years as the Divisional Administrator of the District Office in Los Lunas, NM and 15 years as a Divisional Administrator of the District Office and District Court Services Offices in Albuquerque.

Snedeker then ran, and was elected, Sheriff of Quay County, serving the communities of Tucumcari, San Jon, and Logan, in eastern New Mexico. In addition to being the chief executive of the Sheriff’s Department, Snedeker oversaw the operations of the county detention center.  In 2022, Phil Snedeker ran for Bernalillo County Sherriff with Democrat John Allen elected.


For the past 5 years, New Mexico’s high crime rates have been front and center in the New Mexico Legislature. Hot button legislation has been introduced, but has not been enacted.  Issues such as the banning of assault weapons, pretrial detention to create a rebuttable presumption for persons charged with serious violent crimes, gun purchase waiting periods,  age restrictions on the purchase of  guns, increasing penalties for violent crimes, updating criminal laws, creation of new laws such as prohibiting hazing, and requiring back ground checks and criminal justice reform efforts have all been subject of legislation that has failed. Governor Lujan Grisham has now called for a Special Session in July that will deal exclusively with public safety.

PHIL SNEDEKER will provide a level of expertise in law enforcement that is sorely needed in the New Mexico Legislature to deal with many of the issues facing New Mexico residents. PHIL SNEDEKER’s background and expertise makes him the most qualified of all 5 of the candidates running for State Senate District 21 and voters are encouraged to vote for him in the June primary and the November general election.

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Pete Dinelli was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is of Italian and Hispanic descent. He is a 1970 graduate of Del Norte High School, a 1974 graduate of Eastern New Mexico University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a 1977 graduate of St. Mary's School of Law, San Antonio, Texas. Pete has a 40 year history of community involvement and service as an elected and appointed official and as a practicing attorney in Albuquerque. Pete and his wife Betty Case Dinelli have been married since 1984 and they have two adult sons, Mark, who is an attorney and George, who is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Pete has been a licensed New Mexico attorney since 1978. Pete has over 27 years of municipal and state government service. Pete’s service to Albuquerque has been extensive. He has been an elected Albuquerque City Councilor, serving as Vice President. He has served as a Worker’s Compensation Judge with Statewide jurisdiction. Pete has been a prosecutor for 15 years and has served as a Bernalillo County Chief Deputy District Attorney, as an Assistant Attorney General and Assistant District Attorney and as a Deputy City Attorney. For eight years, Pete was employed with the City of Albuquerque both as a Deputy City Attorney and Chief Public Safety Officer overseeing the city departments of police, fire, 911 emergency call center and the emergency operations center. While with the City of Albuquerque Legal Department, Pete served as Director of the Safe City Strike Force and Interim Director of the 911 Emergency Operations Center. Pete’s community involvement includes being a past President of the Albuquerque Kiwanis Club, past President of the Our Lady of Fatima School Board, and Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Museum Foundation.