Welcome To The 11th Floor Sucker!


This Alb Free Press article reports that time is running out to get the $69 million from the Federal Transportation administration for the ART Bus project. I imagine the City’s Department of Finance has already calculated and printed a $69 million dollar bill owed to Berry’s Buddy Contractors Bradbury & Stamm for the ART bus project that Berry will give to the new Mayor on December 1, 2017 after the swearing in. I can see it now, Berry will say “Welcome to the 11th Floor sucker! You owe it Mayor and there is not a damn thing you can do about it! . Oh by the way, the City’s risk management division is underfunded because we settled another police misconduct case for another $200 million, just kidding. APD is your problem now! Bye, bye, have a nice four years, I’m outta here!”

Shifting Polls Reveal Keller In Runoff, Second Place Too Close To Call

On Sunday, September 17, 2017, the Albuquerque Journal released its long-anticipated poll by well-known pollster Brain Sanderoff with Research & Polling.

(See September 17,2017 Albuquerque Journal, page A-1, “Journal poll: Keller leads, but runoff almost certain”)

Following are the results of the Albuquerque Journal poll:

• Democrat first term New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller – 25%
• Former state Democratic Party Chairman and private attorney Brian Colón – 14%
• Republican City Councilor Dan Lewis – 13%
• Republican Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson – 7%
• Independent Michelle Garcia Holmes, a retired Albuquerque police detective – 4%
• Democrat Augustus “Gus” Pedrotty, recent UNM graduate – 3%
• Republican Ricardo Chaves and founder of Parking Company of America – 1%
• Independent Susan Wheeler-Deichsel and founder of the civic group Urban ABQ – 1%

On September 28, 2017 Political blogger Joe Monahan with “New Mexico Politics With Joe Monahan”, posted the most recent campaign survey conducted by the democrat leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP).


The PPP polls reflects that undecided voters have dropped by 20% between the two polls, from 32% in the Journal poll to 10% in the PPP poll.

The PPP poll reflects Tim Keller has increased his lead by 8% while the race for second place continues to be very tight between Dan Lewis, Brian Colon with Wayne Johnson now a contender for a second place finish.

The PPP poll was commissioned by the measured finance committee set up to promote Tim Keller for Mayor and it has raised over $220,000 to promote Keller’s candidacy.

The survey was conducted amongst 788 likely voters who use land lines, but was a weighted poll to make up for cell phone usage and the poll has a margin of error of 4%.

The poll was made up of 47% democrats, 38% Republicans and 15% Independents which reflects the projected voter turnout based on early voting figures.

The PPP poll has Democrat State Auditor with a very comfortable lead over the other seven (7) candidate with 33% of those polled which indicates Keller is highly likely to be in the runoff.

The race for second place finisher is way too close to call with Republican Dan Lewis at 17%, Democrat Brian Colon at 16% and Republican Wayne Johnson at 14%, with all three within the 4% margin of error.

Republican Recardo Chavez announced that he has withdrawn from the race and endorsed fellow Republican Dan Lewis.

Following are the complete PPP survey percentages as reported by Joe Monahan:

Democrat Tim Keller – 33%
Republican Dan Lewis- 17%
Democrat Brian Colon – 16%
Republican Wayne Johnson – 14%
Independent Michelle Garcia Holmes – 4%
Democrat Gus Pedroty – 4%
Republican Ricardo Chavez – 1%
Indpendant Susan Wheeler Diechel – 1%


The PPP poll points out two very distinct and possible scenarios for the outcome of the runoff to be held on November 14, 2017.

The PPP poll makes it clear that Tim Keller with 33% will be in the runoff and the 33% reflects what insiders were saying what Keller was at during the petition signature gathering process and public finance qualifying period.

The attack ads against Keller accusing him of being a sex offender sympathizer when he voted in favor as a Senate bill as a State Senator appear to have backfired and increased his support amongst undecided voters.

The PPP poll numbers indicate a Keller victory over either Republican Dan Lewis or Wayne Johnson but a much less certain outcome and a possible loss by Tim Keller to Brian Colon in a runoff.

In the PPP poll, Keller at 33% and Colon at 16% equals 49% which I suspect are the progressive democrats that are loyal Keller supporters at 33% and Colon’s 16% are the more moderate to conservative democrats.

Had Keller or Colon not run against each other, a first ballot victory would have gone very easily to either one with the combined base support of at least 49% reflected in the PPP poll (Keller at 33% + Colon at 16% = 49%) with additional votes from independents that are considered more likely to vote for a Democrat over a Republican.

Dan Lewis at 17%, Colon at 16% and Johnson at 14%, are all three within the 4% margin of error of each and their totals equal 47%.

Brian Colon will need over the next few days to secure a respectful amount of the undecided 10% of the vote reflected in the poll in order for him to get into the runoff.

Brian Colon has released a third TV commercial that highlights his family and has been sending out mailers targeting women democrats and independents.

The Dan Lewis and Wayne Johnson voters are probably the Conservative Republican base vote of at least 31% and it is doubtful they will vote for someone as progressive as Tim Keller in a runoff.

Lewis has released another television ad that highlights the stabbing of a victim by a career criminal released by a judge and once again makes the false claim that he can hold judges accountable.

Johnson has released and attack ad against Lewis highlighting his vote for $13 million dollars for the ART bus project and Lewis failure to show and vote against a sanctuary city policy and making the same false promise as Lewis that he will hold judges accountable.

Brian Colon in contrast to progressive Keller is a moderate pro-business democrat, Colon has a wider appeal to Republican voters over the Progressive Tim Keller in a runoff and would therefor get the lion’s share of the Republican vote, presuming they will vote and not stay home if there is no Republican in the runoff.

If Colon is not in runoff, Keller will pick up his 33%, Colon’s of 16%, progressive Pedrotty’s 4%, and Independent Susan Wheeler Deichels 1% for at least 54% without considering the remaining low percentages of the other candidates.

If Brian Colon is in the runoff with Keller, Colon picks up his 16%, the Lewis vote of 17%, the Johnson vote of 14%, the Chavez vote of 1% for 48% while Keller picks up his 33% base, Progressive Pedrotty’s 4%, Wheeler-Diechel’s 1% for 38%, with Colon and Keller splitting Garcia-Holmes Independent vote of 4% giving Colon a possible advantage at 50% to Keller’s 40%.

Obviously, there are number of other factors that will come into play, such as will Republicans get out to vote or sit out a runoff out if there are only two Democrats in the runoff.

Other factors include who will the undecided voters break for, what will be voter turnout in a runoff be and not to mention six weeks of rough and tumble campaigning and negative ads that are becoming more and more prevalent in the race.

What is certain in the runoff is that campaign donations are going to play a major factor.

Keller is the only publicly finance candidate and will receive approximately $125,000 automatically from the city for the runoff.

Keller has tremendous union financial support with his measured finance committee raising over $220,000 with most coming from organized labor.

Colon has raised $800,000 and is expected to be able to again raise large sums for a runoff.

It’s the Republican business community embodied by NAIOP, the Chamber of Commerce membership, the Economic Forum, the NM Business Coalition and Republican operatives who have the potential to raise large amounts of money to stop Tim Keller in a runoff.

The Albuquerque business community will want to preserve their city hall influence and their money will go to a Republican who makes it into a runoff or Brian Colon in a runoff.


Obviously the above is all speculation and is more for consumption by political junkies.

The Albuquerque Journal will be releasing its final poll this Sunday, October 1, 2017 two days before the October 3, 2017 election.

The only thing for sure is that the runoff is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14, 2017 and the new Mayor of Albuquerque will be sworn in on December 1, 2017.

Fear And Loathing Of The Courts By Lewis and Johnson

Going after and complaining about elected judges for their rulings is a red flag of ignorance of our criminal justice system unless it is just plain pandering to appeal to people’s worst fears to get votes or even worse, lying to the public.

Both Republicans Dan Lewis and Wayne Johnson with their recent commercials promoting their candidacies for Mayor are taking to a whole new level pandering to upset people and to appeal to their worst fears to get votes.

The most disturbing part of both their commercials promoting their candidacies for Mayor is their intentional promotion of ignorance of our criminal justice system, our constitutional rights of due process of law and the presumption of innocence.

Both Republicans Wayne Johnson and Dan Lewis in their commercials show contempt for judges and our criminal justice system.

Attacking our Judicial system and judge’s rulings is a familiar tactic of President Donald Trump and is a lesson learned by both Lewis and Johnson to “gin up” their conservative base in Albuquerque.

It is as if both are trying to one up each other on who has the better attack on Judges.

Lewis says in one FACEBOOK video “We’re gonna hold judges in this city accountable. Judges that misinterpret our laws and they put repeat offenders and habitual offenders back on the street often times before the officer that arrested them is off their shift”.

Lewis even said “we will hold judges accountable in this city, put their faces on billboards and their names and faces on a website that will reveal and show the records they have.”

Johnson has now gotten into the act of bashing judges in his commercials saying he too will hold the judiciary accountable for releasing criminals, so take that Dan Lewis.

The truth is, the City and especially a Mayor has absolutely no authority nor jurisdiction over the courts which is something we need to be very thankful for and it is called “separation of powers”.

A Mayor of Albuquerque has absolutely no control or authority over any Judge and our courts are a state function and the courts are funded by the state.

On the other hand, our courts and judges do have authority over city government whenever litigation is filed against the city to make decisions in civil disputes in a fair and impartial manner as required by law.

All judge’s take an oath of office to preserve, defend and protect our constitution.

Judges are strictly prohibited by the Supreme Court Rules and the Code of Judicial Conduct from commenting on pending cases and voicing opinions that call into question their fairness and impartiality, especially in criminal cases.

Judges are prohibited from defending their decisions and sentencing in a public forum outside of their courtroom so criticizing judges is like “shooting fish” in a barrel.

Republican Dan Lewis and Wayne Johnson in their commercials talk like they are running for District Attorney, Bernalillo County Sherriff or District Court Judge and not Mayor of Albuquerque.

What both Republicans Lewis and Johnson are saying is we need to keep people in jail and forget and ignore our constitutional rights of presumption of innocence and due process of law.

It is so easy to ignore our U. S. Constitution when you are pandering and running for Mayor and essentially say “catch them and lock them up and throw away the key”.

Neither Lewis nor Johnson thus far has proposed any solutions to the root causes of crime among them being poverty, our poor educational system, drug abuse and addiction, high unemployment rates and a failing economy.

All Lewis and Johnson have been saying throughout the campaign is to replace the Chief, command staff, hire more cops and put more criminals in jail and that somehow is going to solve the “culture of aggression” found by the DOJ and reduce our skyrocketing crime rates.

Both Republicans Lewis and Johnson need to articulate real solution for APD and for reducing crime instead pandering to people’s fear of crime and blaming judges.

But then again, coming up with real solutions to reduce our crime rates takes thought and commitment, and why do that when it is so much easier to show your total ignorance of our criminal justice system or just lie to the voters and pander to their worst fears to get votes.

A Little Attempt At Humor Six Days Before The Municipal Election


It is now six days before the October 3, 2017 municipal election, and I am sure all the candidates are feeling the pressure and are exhausted.

Running for office is as stressful as you can get.

With that in mind, I made a few changes to a satirical post of mine a few weeks ago.

I was a little surprised that I got a few hostile responses to the original post and told those people to chill out please.

I have added one last line that I felt was in order.

Following is the satirical commentary I hope everyone finds just a little funny.

Tim Keller stared as Harvey Dent and “Two Face” in a Batman movie and has been seen lately attending a meeting of the campaign ethics board flipping an “in kind” cash donation gold piece while his longtime political consultant from Rio Strategies watched him with adoring eyes saying “my precious, my precious” over and over again. Rumor has it Tim has already talked to the City’s Office of Film promotion about staring in the remake of the classic political movie “The Candidate” that stared Robert Redford and Tim has been practicing the last verse of the movie “What do I do now?”

Brian Colon still collects and stores powdered milk and government blocks of cheese in his home. He is eyeing the City warehouses as an alternative storage site for all the excess government cheese he has at home and buried in a cellar in his backyard. Rumor is he has a very good buddy in the New Mexico State Senate willing to set up a call center to sell that cheese so they can make a profit. Brian has also gotten Attorney General Hector Balderas to issue an AG opinion that he does not have to charge nor collect gross receipts tax on internet sales of the cheese sold in bulk.

Gus Pedrotty does indeed still have his wisdom teeth with the other candidates poised to pull them out or strangle him to shut him up. As an alternative, they want to slip him some medical marijuana just to settle him down and slow down his public speaking at all the forums so everyone can understand what he is saying for a change. If things do not go his way, Gus already has an airline ticket and plans to move to Colorado and start his own recreational marijuana business and send all the proceeds to Albuquerque to help our disadvantaged immigrant communities.

As an ex-cop running for Mayor, Michell Garcia Holmes promises to carry a holster with a 57-magnum gun when she becomes Mayor. On the campaign trail, Mitchell has said she is not afraid to use it on all child molesters by shooting them in the groin. She has told other candidates at forums “Well do you feel lucky, punk, well do ya?” while snearing at them like Dirty Harry

Dan Lewis wants to be the next District Attorney or Bernalillo County Sheriff so he can make Albuquerque “the worse place to be a criminal” just like he has watched idly by during the last eight (8) years as a City Councilor telling Mayor Berry what a good job he has done. Dan also promises to open a city sponsored used car lot so that all the crooks can bring all our stolen cars and sell them and give city hall a cut of the action. According to Lewis, no cars stolen from Sidewinders clientele will be allowed to be sold at the city used car lot as per the instructions of Legacy Church Pastor Steve Smotherman.

Wayne Johnson wants to be a Federal Judge so he can deport people who are here illegally, especially Muslims and all those damn rapists and murderers from Mexico. He already has bought a judicial robe and has emblazoned on it in red the initials “CR” for Conservative Republican. Rumor is Wayne is buying stock in a national fence company that sells chain link fence at a discount and he is waiting for a return call from Donald Trump.

Susan Wheeler Diechel wants to give out free bikes and free walking shoes to everyone in the city and schedule bake sales to raise money to fund our police department. It is rumored Susan is really Martha Stewart in disguise here to serve her federal probation period. Susan gave her identity away at a recent forum when she said “I just love broken ABQ but I have a hot glue gun, I am not afraid to use it, and that’s a good thing!” Once elected, Susan plans to require all uniform police officers to carry glue guns on their utility belts.

Ricardo Chavez wants to make civic plaza and our city parks and city golf courses into parking lots. The Chavez plan is to charge $3.00 a day for overnight parking to solve our city budget problems. His city slogan to attract business will be “Mi parking lot es su parking lot.” As a sign of solidarity with our senior citizens, Recardo plans to eat all of his lunches and dinners at the Senior Citizens Centers and intends to pay for everyone’s food out of his own pocket, but he does intend to charge $1.00 an hour for parking at the senior centers.

Mayor Richard Berry was seen after his last State of The City address before NAIOP handing out his resume to its members while Terri Cole from the Chamber of Commerce kept rubbing his back saying “Your going to be alright. You still know how to handle a hammer and cut wood!”

Dennis Domrzalki and Pete Dinelli of the Albuquerque Free Press were seen at the last mayoral forum sitting in balcony seats like the two old guys in the Muppets making fun of the candidates, while Pete mumbled, “It should have been me, it should have been me.”


There are times politicians, including myself, and the press take ourselves far way too serious.

There is nothing wrong or offensive about poking fun at elected officials and those who run for office.

What is wrong and that is offensive is for voters not to get out and vote.

Please vote on October 3, 2017 for the candidate of your choice and do not hold it against people who may vote for another candidate.

“Show Me The Money!”, Chapter 4


The fourth Campaign Finance Reports for Mayor of Albuquerque were filed on September 22, 2017 with the Albuquerque City Clerk for the reporting period of September 8, 2017 to September 21, 2017.

(See: https://www.cabq.gov/voting-elections/candidate-information/2017-mayoral-candidates)

If no candidate secures 50% or more of the vote, a runoff I will be held between the top voter getters, which is more likely than not given recent polling data.

There are seven (7) privately financed candidates, one (1) publicly financed candidate, one (1) measured finance committee to promote the one publicly financed candidate and one (1) measured finance committee to oppose the one publicly finance candidate.

There is one week remaining until the October 3, 2017 municipal election.


Democrat Tim Keller is the only “publicly finance” candidate for Mayor.

The July 14, 2017 Tim Keller Campaign Finance Report states that on April 3, 2017 the Keller campaign was given $342,952 by the City of Albuquerque in public financing.

The Keller September 8, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $118,807.44 and that $104,656.58 was spent and the closing balance for the third reporting period is $14,150.66.

The August 11, 2017 finance report reflects that $938.71 of “in kind” donations reflected in cash amounts were made to the Keller campaign and notable “in kind” cash donations for goods and services to the Tim Keller campaign include $500 from Atrisco Oil & Gas and $400 from Robert Dickson a realtor with Paradigm and Company.

Notable expenditures for the Tim Keller campaign include $12,245 to PUTMAN PARTNERS of Washington, DC for “MEDIA”, $81,368 to BUYING TIME of Washington, DC for Media, and $9,970.83 to RIO STATEGIES (Jessie Hunt), the longtime political consultants for Mr. Keller, for Professional Services.

Mr. Keller is running 15 second positive commercials featuring him talking and the ads theme is “let’s move Albuquerque forward”.

It is interesting to note that on the campaign trail Mr. Keller has emphasized the importance of the City of Albuquerque to give priority to local businesses but his media work is being performed by Washington, DC firms.

If Mr. Keller gets into the runoff as is expected, his campaign will be given approximately $126,000 more in public finance funds.


ABQ FORWARD TOGETHER is a measure finance committee, registered with the City Clerk’s office, formed for the purpose “to support Tim Keller’s bid for Mayor”.

Measured finance committees are not bound by the individual contribution limits and business bans like a candidate.

The September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance report for “ABQ FORWARD TOGETHER” reflects that it had a beginning cash balance of $174,032.26 from the last reporting period, it had monetary contributions of $124,705.00 for the current reporting period, spent $222,095.44 and has a closing balance of $76,641.82 left to spend as it sees fit to promote Mr. Keller until the October 3, 2017 election.

Cash donations to “ABQ FORWARD TOGETHER” that are noteworthy include: $31,000 from BIG ORGANIZING ACTION FUND, $30,000 from AFSME, Washington, DC, $25,000 from THE CIVIC PARTICIPATION ACTION FUND, $5,000 from the Albuquerque Teachers Federation Committee on Political Action, $5,000 from the Center for Civic Action.

ABQ Forward is running 30 second, positive ads featuring Mr. Keller, his wife and two young children, with no response to the attack ads being run by the anti-Keller pac.

The pro Keller ads are slick and well produced highlighting his record as state auditor.

It is clear from the donations made to ABQ FORWARD TOGETHER that Mr. Keller continues to get significant financial support from organized labor which will translate into significant volunteer help and even more contributions from union members and union organizations.

There are nine (9) unions representing city employees, including AFSME that according to finance reports has contributed $50,000 to the Keller measured finance committee, that a Keller Administration will have to negotiate contracts with and the influence of union donations will pose a problem for Tim Keller.

ABQ FORWARD TOGETHER can raise money up and through to the election day and beyond for a runoff election if Tim Keller gets into the runoff.


According to the Measured Finance Committee Registration filed with the City clerk the “Make Albuquerque Safe” purpose is to oppose “Associated Candidates/Ballot Measures, Tim Keller”.

The Chairperson of Make Albuquerque Safe is Denis Romero and the Treasurer is Donna Taylor.

“Make Albuquerque Safe” raised $60,000 for the reporting period, had expenditures of $50,335 and has a closing balance of $9,664.

Western Albuquerque Land Holdings, LLC (JEFF Garrett) donated $30,000 and $30,000 was donated by VETEO PROPERTIES, LLC (MARK VETOTO) of Hobbs, New Mexico.

Western Albuquerque Land Holdings, LLC owns the controversial and massive Santolina development on the west side.

Tim Keller has said he is opposed to the Santolina development.

Expenditures of $50,335 were made by Make Albuquerque Safe to produce and run TV and radio commercials on KOB-TV channel 4, KRQE channel 13, and Clear Channel radio stations with no time shown purchased on KOAT-TV channel 7.

The ads are deceitful and manipulative and they are smearing a qualified candidate and may have backfired only to have galvanized the Keller progressive base.

The TV and radios attack ads will probably have no impact on Mr. Keller’s core and very loyal progressive constituency and I predict Mr. Keller will be in the runoff.

The big questions are is if the attack ads had any effect on undecided voters and who will come in first or second to get into the runoff.

It is seriously doubt full that Make Albuquerque Safe is going to let up on the attacks on Keller and will engage another line of attack once Keller makes it into the runoff.

(See my September 23, 2017 blog article “A Week In Politics For Tim Keller Is An Eternity” at https://www.petedinelli.com/2017/09/23/the-next-days-in-politics-for-tim-keller-running-for-mayor-is-an-eternity/ for further commentary.)


From review of the finance report of contributions and expenditures, Democrat Brian Colon has expended the most since the last reporting period and his fund raising was diminished for the period.

The Colon September 8, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $535,579.82 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is $219,514.85 and spent $362,241.97 during the reporting period.

The Colon September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $219,514.85, and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is $114,175.40 and the campaign spent another $142,102 during the reporting period.

Brian Colon raised an additional $36,762.70 during the reporting period.

Notable individuals or businesses that made cash contributions and reported in the September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for Brian Colon for Mayor include the following donors: Patricia Vincent Collawin, $5,192.70, Edward Garcia, Garcia Automotive, $5,150, Payam Ghoreishi (PG Enterprises), $5,150, Wisepies Franchise Services, LLC (Steve Chavez), $5,000, former APD Commander Levi Anaya, $4,650, Juliene Martinez Abrams, $3,000 and PNM Responsible Citizens Group, $1,500.

Notable expenditures listed in the September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for the Colon for Mayor include $45,000 paid to Richard Gold Communications of Austin, Texas, $77,075 Paid to CANAL Partners Media of Atlanta, Georgia for “media”, $12,00 paid to Bouchard Gols Communications of Austin, Texas, and $6,000 paid to Potomac Waves, LLC of Washington, DC.

Mr. Colon has run two separate TV commercials, one featuring Attorney General Hector Balderas and the second more biographical.

The biographical ads appear to have run their course as far as being effective prompting speculation that another, far more aggressive ad will be produced in an effort to “seal the deal” and get Colon in the runoff.

Political insiders have also noticed that Mr. Colon has not spoken in any of the commercials and none have featured his wife and son.

It is interesting to note that on the campaign trail during debate forums, Mr. Colon has emphasized the importance of the City giving priority to local businesses for work but his media work is being done with out of state firms in Georgia, Texas, Washington, DC.


The Dan Lewis September 8, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $169,289.37 and the closing balance for the current reporting period is $194,501 available to the campaign until the October 3, 2017 election.

The Dan Lewis September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $194,501 and the closing balance for the current reporting period is $75,778.80 available to the campaign until the October 3, 2017 election.

Republican Dan Lewis raised an additional $55,917 during the reporting period and had expenditures of $174,640.07 during the last reporting period.

Total “in-kind” contributions to Dan Lewis for the reporting period was $1,286.00.

Notable individuals or businesses that made cash contributions listed in the September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for Dan Lewis for Mayor include the following donors: $5,000 from Paseo Village LLC, (Jimmy Daskolos of “Nick& Jimmy’s restaurant, $5,000 from Solid Gold Classic, LLC, (Peggy Daskolos), $5,192 from Valley Fence Company (Paul Chavez), $2,500 from Guzman Construction Solutions (Rudy Gusman), $2,500 from Integrated Construction Services, LLC, $2,500 from Mobile Pathways, $1,500 from Chris Olsen (PNM Resources), and $1,000 from JJ’s Premier Tire & Services.

Notable expenditures listed in the September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for the Dan Lewis for Mayor include:

The Stoneridge Group, payment of $5,000, $40,451.28, $12,822, $12,782 and $1,197, MEDIUM BUYING of Columbus, Ohio, $92,800 and Stewart Bragg (Staff), $7,000.

The Stoneridge Group is a political campaign marketing firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia, with offices in Louisville Kentucky and provides services to pro-life, Republican campaigns, associations, and non-profits including voter contact mail, website design and online campaigns, print and collateral items, and strategic consulting.

Dan Lewis has been running a traditional media political campaign on TV with commercials highlighting Albuquerque’s crime rates and to make Albuquerque the worst place to be a criminal.

One ad by Lewis again attacks the Judicial system and makes the bogus claim that he will hold judges accountable.


The Wayne Johnson September 8, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $207,770.61 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is now $219,738.25.

The Wayne Johnson September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $219,738.25 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is now $109,248.55.

Republican Wayne Johnson raised an additional $29,267.00 during the reporting period.

The Wayne Johnson for Mayor campaign reported spending $139,756.70 during the last reporting period.

Notable individuals or businesses that made cash contributions listed in the September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for Wayne Johnson for Mayor include the following donors: Scott Garrett, $500, Jerry Geist, 250, Pat Vincent -Collawn (PNM), $5,192, PNM Responsible Citizens PAC, $1,500, Neil Hise, $3,000, Mike Sivage, Sivage Homes, $1,000, Debbie Maestas, $1,000, and Stanly Hubbard, Hubbard Broadcasting, $1,000.

Notable expenditures listed in the September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for the Wayne Johnson for Mayor include: SRCP Media, Alexandria, VA, for media placement, $44,802.87, $53,547.87, Direct Edge Campaigns, Nashville Tennessee, $23,303, EKERN COMPANY, Anne Erken for consulting, $5,375, and Dialing services for polling, $1,561.

The Wayne Johnson campaign for mayor had $2,085 of “in-kind” donations during the last reporting period of which $750 was for legal services donated by and attorney.

Wayne Johnson has been running a traditional media political campaign on TV with commercials highlighting his opposition to the ART bus project and Albuquerque’s crime rates.


Ricardo Chaves is a “self-financed” candidate for Mayor.

The Ricardo Chaves July 14, 2017 Campaign Finance Report revealed that he loaned his campaign for Mayor $500,000.

Mr. Chaves reported in the July 14, 2017 report that he spent $134,666.27 for campaign consulting, management and petition signature gathering to get on the ballot and he had $373,981.53 remaining in his campaign account.

The Ricardo Chaves September 8, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $373,228.34 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is now $298,174.64.

The Ricardo Chaves September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $298,174.64 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is now $223,054.45.

The only notable expenditures listed in the September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for the Ricardo Chaves for Mayor is another $75,000 paid to Robert E. Cornelius as a consulting fee.

Mr. Chaves reported he received and $1,920.66 “in kind” contribution from himself for office rental and warehouse space.

Mr. Chavez has begun to run political commercials within the last two weeks highlighting his theme of making Albuquerque safe and reduce the size of government


The Garcia-Holmes September 8, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states a cash balance from the last reporting period of $33,300.06 and a closing balance for the recent reporting period as $11,158.36.

The September 8, 2017 financial report reflects Michelle Garcia Holmes reported cash contributions of $9,145.00 with expenditures of $31,286.70 and a closing balance of $11,158.36.

The September 22, 2017 financial report reflects Michelle Garcia Holmes reported cash contributions of $1,375.00 with expenditures of $2,493.92 and a closing balance of $10,039.

Notable expenditures include $1,125 to EXHIB-T for marketing and $731.64 to ADELANTE MAILING SERVICES.

Michelle Garcia Holmes and her husband Earl Holmes each contributed $5,000 for a total of $10,000 to her campaign for Mayor and it appears they have enough left to reimburse themselves.

Michelle Garcia Holmes has been running TV commercials with scarce telecasting due to her budget.


The Susan Wheeler-Deichel campaign did not file the September 8, 2017 finance report.

The August 11, 2017 Campaign Finance Report for Wheeler-Deichel reported a balance from the last reporting period of $341.34, total monetary contributions for the reporting period of $1,685.00, total expenditures of $3,955.63 with a negative balance of $1,929.29.

The July 17, 2017 finance report reflected $6,275 in monetary contributions to the Susan Wheeler-Deichel campaign, of which $6,175 was a personal loan to her campaign.

The Susan Wheeler-Deichel September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $298,174.64 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is now $223,054.45.


Gus Pedrotty is running a social media campaign by making FACEBOOK commercials that he has written and produced by himself with the commercials being well produced and exhibiting great creativity.

The Gus Pedrotty September 8, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $3,091.88, total monetary contributions for the reporting period as $3,272.39, total expenditures of $3,274.79 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is as $3,089.48.

The Gus Pedrotty September 22, 2017 Campaign Finance Report states that the cash balance from the last reporting period was $3,089.48 total monetary contributions for the current reporting period as $5,742.13, total expenditures of $1,932.88 and the closing balance for the recent reporting period is as $6,898.73.

Most of Mr. Pedrotty’s donations are cash amounts of $5, $25, $50 with a few $100, $200 and two $500 donations.

Notable expenditures have been to Greetings Etc. for $1,393, $296, $516 for printed materials and $1,000 paid for “filed work.”

Mr. Pedrotty continues with a “social media” campaign.


The Albuquerque Journal made its long anticipate endorsement surprising many by endorsing two candidates for Mayor, Democrat Brian Colon and Republican Dan Lewis,saying Colon and Lewis have the best plans for Albuquerque.


This is the first time in history that the Albuquerque Journal has given a double endorsement such as this.

This is also the first time I can recall that the Journal has given any positive acknowledgements and encouragement to others who are running, but who they did not endorse.

The endorsement of one Democrat and one Republican by the paper is an admission of just how partisan municipal elections have become.

I said this in my September 13, guest editorial column “Nonpartisan mayoral election is farce; The reality is that partisanship rules for mayor and city council”. https://www.petedinelli.com/…/nonpartisan-mayoral-election-…/

Now let’s see who the Journal endorses when the runoff is between Tim Keller and Brian Colon, which I suspect will happen, and the paper will endorse Colon.


With only nine (9) days remaining until the October 3 election, just about anything can happen.

Political television ads, especially negative ads, can affect poll numbers and the outcome of a runoff race.

People constantly condemn negative and highly inflammatory political advertising and polls, but the cold hard reality is that people believe the ads, they affect the polls and the ads work.

Candidates on the receiving end of attack find themselves using precious resources to defend themselves against lies.

The TV and radio ads against Keller are only the beginning of more to come, not only against Keller but the other candidate who gets into the runoff.

What is for sure there will be a runoff and we can all look forward to another six full weeks of the two top vote getters bashing the hell out of each other until the runoff which is scheduled for November 14, 2017.

Whoever become Mayor will have the privilege and honor to deal with a police department and an economy that are akin to backed upped sewer lines.

I have no doubt the work can be done and there is a way to fix things, but if you do not do it right and do not get things flowing in the right direction you sure going to smell after four (4) years in office.

Police Union Endorsement Should Have Been Declined

It is extremely disappointing that the Albuquerque Police Officers Association (APOA) has endorsed a candidate for Mayor.

(See September 28, 2017 Albuquerque Journal, “Albuquerque Police Union Endorses Keller”)


What is even more disappointing is that any candidate for Mayor would accept the endorsement from the police union.

The appearance of impropriety looks terrible but what motivates both are clear.

The police union wants to have some influence over the next Mayor and the candidate wants the vote of rank and file police officers and be able to say law enforcement has your back and you have theirs.

What all the candidates for Mayor do not understand is that the Albuquerque Police Department is has been operating under a Department of Justice (DOJ) consent decree and mandated reforms.

Under normal circumstances, union endorsements are common place, but when it comes to the Albuquerque Police Department, it is a department in crisis and for the first time in its history is under a Department of Justice consent decree.

Almost four (4) years ago, a Department of Justice investigation found a “pattern and practice of excessive force” and a “culture of aggression” within the Albuquerque Police Department (APD).

In the last eight (8) years, there has been 41 police officer involved shootings, and the city has paid out $61 million dollars in settlements for police misconduct cases.

The single biggest crisis the next Mayor will be confronted with on day one is reforming the Albuquerque Police Department, selecting a new command staff and implementation of the mandated reforms for constitutional policing.

You cannot blame the candidates for not understanding the DOJ consent decree given the fact not even one of them has ever attended a court hearing when the Federal Monitor presented his critical reports to the Federal Judge and took testimony from all the parties of interest.

The APOA Union on the other hand understands full well the consent decree in that the police union leadership has attended and has sat at counsel table during court hearings and Federal Monitor presentations.

The union leadership was at the negotiating table for the full year assisting in the drafting of the “use of force” and “deadly use of force” policy.

The APOA has made it clear that it does not like the Department of Justice (DOJ) consent decree nor the mandated reforms.

The police union and its leadership feels that the mandated reforms under the consent decree are interfering with rank and file officer’s ability to performing their jobs.

The union wants the Department of Justice (DOJ) to go away and does not like civilian oversight.

It is not surprising that the APOA would endorse a candidate for Mayor given that it has been at repeated impasse with the Berry Administration during contract negotiations for the last eight years.

Mayor Berry unilaterally decided not to pay 5% pay raises negotiated in good faith by the police union and eliminated longevity pay for rank and file.

All prior Mayors have taken great precautions to select Chiefs with real substantive credentials.

Chief Gordon Eden is the first chief ever selected that had absolutely no prior experience managing a municipal police department even after a national search that was a shame.

Mayors have selected Chiefs of the opposite party, but there was an emphasis on ability to perform.

The DOJ consent decree complicates things with the police union opposing many of the reforms and not liking civilian oversight.

The police union has now fully politicized the department by making a specific endorsement rather than interviewing all the candidates and giving information to their membership so the membership could decide on their own who to vote for Mayor.

There is no doubt that the police union will want a place at the personnel table when the next mayor selects a new Chief as well as command staff even to the point of wanting to resist the appointment of any potential candidate for chief and command staff not to their liking.

When unions start dictating who should be in management is what breads contempt by management and hamstrings the ability to make decisions by an administration.

Tim Keller accepting the endorsement compromises his commitment to implement the consent decree mandated reforms.

Keller’s acceptance of the endorsement further politicizes the police department.

We have had eight (8) years of Republican political operatives and incompetence such as Darren White and Gordon Eden managing APD and we do not need another four or more years of it.

Keller’s acceptance of the endorsement will no doubt be brought up during union negotiations as a reflection that Keller wants to fully support the demands of the police union.

Four years ago, I interviewed with the police union and specifically requested that they not make any endorsement in the Mayor’s race so as not to be compromised during contract negotiations and they did not make any endorsement.

Former APD Sergeant Paul Heh was also a candidate for Mayor and the police union made no endorsement, not even of one of their own.

This is one endorsement that should have not been sought and that should have been declined.